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ASX Symbol VPC
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares: 552,473,493
Restricted/Escrowed Fully Paid Ordinary Shares: 126,040,500
Listed Options: 97,011,300
Options to acquire fully paid ordinary shares: 40,140,000
As at 11/02/17

Key Dates

ASX Reporting deadlines for Velpic:

Date Event
31 October 2017 Quarterly Report
29 September 2017 Annual Report to Shareholders
31 August 2017 Preliminary Financial Report
31 July 2017 Quarterly Report
30 June 2017 Financial Year End
30 April 2017 Quarterly Report
28 February 2017 Half Year Results
31 January 2017 Quarterly Report

Investor Relations Contact:

Russell Francis
Chief Executive Officer
Velpic Ltd

t +61 8 6160 4455
m +61 408 822 380

Company Secretary:

Catherine Anderson


Investor FAQ

When did Velpic become a publicly listed company?

Velpic (ASX:VPC) was readmitted to the Australian Securities Exchange in November 2015 after 100% of its shares were acquired by listed resources company, International Coal Limited.

What are Velpic’s head office contact details?

243 Hay Street Subiaco WA 6008

Who manages the share register?

The share registry is managed by Link Market Services which can be contacted at

+61 1300 554 474

How can I buy and sell Velpic shares?

Velpic’s shares are traded on the ASX and can be bought or sold through a Licensed Stock Broker. The process of buying or selling shares is explained on the ASX website, go to

How can I obtain an Annual Report?

Electronic copies of annual reports are available on this website. If you are a shareholder and you wish to receive hard copies of the Annual Report please update your Shareholder profile with Link Market Services to request a hard copy of the Annual Report or contact

How can I follow Velpic’s share price activity?

Current share prices are available on the ASX website and can be searched using Velpic’s ASX ticker symbol: VPC. Alternatively you can check Velpic’s Investor Centre Homepage.

How can I follow Velpic’s share price activity?

Current share prices are available on the ASX website and can be searched using Velpic’s ASX ticker symbol: VPC. Alternatively you can check Velpic’s Investor Centre Homepage.

In which countries does Velpic have trading activities?

Velpic has over 40 staff working in offices across Australia in Perth and Sydney, and New Zealand.

What is the ASX Velpic ticker code?

The ASX ticker code for Velpic is VPC

Where can I find the latest financial information for Velpic?

The latest financial reports can be found on our website at

Where can I find details of upcoming events in the financial Calendar?

Details of Velpic’s reporting calendar and upcoming events can be found at

What is Velpic’s financial year end?

Velpic’s end of financial year is the 30th of June.

What is the Privacy Policy for Velpic?

Privacy Policy

Where can I find your Corporate Governance Policy

Our Corporate Governance policy can be found at This includes our Board Charter, Code of Conduct, Diversity Policy, Disclosure Policy, Shareholder Communication Policy, Risk Management Policy and our Securities Trading Policy.

What is the dividend policy?

Velpic does not currently have a dividend policy in place. The Company is in its growth phase and as such intends to reinvest any future profits as it expands the business. The Board reviews its growth strategy and dividend policies at regular meetings and assess them against the Company’s working capital requirements and growth opportunities.

Who is the Company Secretary?

Our company secretary is Catherine Anderson, email

Can I be notified of new Velpic ASX announcements?

Yes, you can subscribe to receive Investor Updates by clicking on Subscribe to News button on top of every page.

ASX Announcements

Date Document
15/12/2017 Velpic MOU with Bright Innovation's Smart Cities Platform
12/12/2017 December Sales Update
11/12/2017 Dispatch of Prospectus
11/12/2017 Velpic signs enterprise deal with NRL
08/12/2017 Cleansing statement
08/12/2017 Range report - new option class
08/12/2017 Top 20 - new option class
08/12/2017 Appendix 3B - Placement
01/12/2017 NowForce Partnership Investor Update Presentation
30/11/2017 Letter to Optionholders
30/11/2017 Letter to Ineligible Shareholders
30/11/2017 Letter to Eligible Shareholders
30/11/2017 Appendix 3B - Prospectus
30/11/2017 Prospectus
29/11/2017 Clarification
29/11/2017 Reinstatement to Official Quotation
29/11/2017 Oversubscribed Placement
29/11/2017 Voluntary Suspension from Official Quotation
27/11/2017 NowForce Partnership and Capital Raising
27/11/2017 Trading Halt
21/11/2017 App 3B unlisted options cancellation
13/11/2017 App 3B - End of escrow share quotation/cancel options
31/10/2017 App 3B - Issue of staff options
26/10/2017 Final Quarterly Report and App 4C
19/10/2017 AGM Results
19/10/2017 AGM Investor Update
06/10/2017 App 3B - cancellation of staff options
04/10/2017 Record Growth Achieved for September Quarter
15/09/2017 Notice of AGM and Proxy Form
14/09/2017 Dispatch of Annual Report
31/08/2017 Appendix 4G - Corporate Governance
25/08/2017 Strong Sales Momentum Continues
24/08/2017 Appendix 4E and Annual Report to Shareholders
02/08/2017 Velpic launches Velpic Sport eCoaching platform
28/07/2017 June Quarterly Report and App 4C
25/07/2017 Response to ASX Price Query
19/07/2017 App 3B - cancellation and issue of ESOP options
11/07/2017 Velpic expands its distribution network in the US
03/07/2017 Record Breaking Recurring Revenue Growth in June
19/06/2017 App 3B - Cancellation of unlisted options etc
16/05/2017 Velpic Awarded Industry Accolade and Adds New Features
28/04/2017 Quarterly Report and App 4C
26/04/2017 Appendix 3B - cancellation of unlisted options
21/04/2017 LNK: Change of Perth Address for Shareholder Purposes
28/03/2017 Investor Update
27/03/2017 Record Breaking March Quarter will be Achieved
06/03/2017 Virtual Reality App now live, phase 2 launching H2 2017
20/02/2017 Updated Securities Trading Policy
20/02/2017 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
17/02/2017 Change in substantial holding
16/02/2017 Velpic expands offering to include Virtual Reality Training
13/02/2017 Appendix 3B - cancellation of staff options
09/02/2017 Response to ASX Price and Volume Query
09/02/2017 Appendix 3B - expiry of unlisted options
06/02/2017 Newly Enhanced Sales Team Hits Sales Inflection Point
01/02/2017 Change of Company Secretary
31/01/2017 Velpic Launches New Content and Platform for Schools
30/01/2017 Quarterly Report and App 4C
25/01/2017 Velpic Enhances Sales Team
10/01/2017 Version 3.2 of the Velpic Platform Now Live
03/01/2017 Velpic to Deliver Learning Management System to Government
Date Document
28/12/2016 Cleansing Statement
28/12/2016 Appendix 3B
22/12/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
20/12/2016 Velpic hits 50 enterprise clients milestone
09/12/2016 International Marketplace Strategy update
30/11/2016 Sale of Coal Tenements
25/11/2016 AGM Presentation
25/11/2016 Results of Meeting
24/11/2016 Velpic Signs New Enterprise Clients
11/11/2016 Change in substantial holding
02/11/2016 Velpic Launches Online Lesson Marketplace
31/10/2016 Investor Presentation Webcast
28/10/2016 Appendix 4C - quarterly
28/10/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
27/10/2016 Final Director's Interest Notice x 2
25/10/2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
25/10/2016 Board Changes
07/10/2016 ASX Listing Rule 4.10.19 Statement
23/09/2016 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
23/09/2016 Annual Report to shareholders
19/09/2016 Sales Progress and Marketing Update
06/09/2016 Investor Update
05/09/2016 Velpic Releases Version 3.1 & Announces New Pricing
26/08/2016 Appendix 4E
09/08/2016 Cleansing Statement
09/08/2016 Appendix 3B
02/08/2016 Rapid Start to International Expansion
29/07/2016 Appendix 4C - quarterly
25/07/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
18/07/2016 Baillieu Holst Research Report
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
13/07/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11/07/2016 Change in substantial holding
08/07/2016 Appendix 3B
06/07/2016 Successful Completion of Rights Issue
30/06/2016 Operations Update
29/06/2016 First Distribution Agreement Signed
21/06/2016 Extension of Renounceable Rights Issue
15/06/2016 Dispatch of Prospectus
09/06/2016 Letter to eligible shareholders
09/06/2016 Letter to ineligible shareholders
07/06/2016 Letter to optionholders
07/06/2016 Prospectus
07/06/2016 Velpic signs Bulldogs' Canterbury League Club as New Client
07/06/2016 Appendix 3B
07/06/2016 Renounceable Rights Issue
25/05/2016 Velpic Releases Learn Mobile App
19/05/2016 Becoming a substantial holder
11/05/2016 Velpic enters Strategic Partnerships Driving Customer Growth
10/05/2016 Velpic signs MOU with Tikforce
09/05/2016 Investor Presentation
05/05/2016 Velpic Enters Product Training Market
29/04/2016 Appendix 4C
28/04/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
18/04/2016 Next Generation Platform Development Well Ahead of Schedule
06/04/2016 Velpic Releases Mobile App
16/03/2016 Letter to Shareholders
15/03/2016 Velpic Baillieu Holst Research Report
14/03/2016 Investor Presentation
14/03/2016 Velpic Accelerates International Exposure with ADP Agreement
10/03/2016 Velpic Secures New Reseller Partnerships Nationwide
09/03/2016 New SME Pricing
08/03/2016 Velpic Signs New Enterprise Clients
04/03/2016 Initial Director's Interest Notice
03/03/2016 Velpic Commences International Expansion
01/03/2016 Director Appointment
29/02/2016 Half Year Report Summary
29/02/2016 Video Podcast with Velpic CEO
29/02/2016 Half Yearly Report and Accounts
29/02/2016 Appendix 4D
17/02/2016 Velpic activates new revenue streams
16/02/2016 In The Chair releases Velpic Podcast
16/02/2016 Velpic February 2016 Investor Update
04/02/2016 Sales Team Expansion & Continued Client Growth on East Coast
02/02/2016 Letter to Shareholders
29/01/2016 Appendix 4C - quarterly
29/01/2016 Quarterly Activities Report
22/01/2016 Baillieu Holst releases Velpic Research Report
13/01/2016 Cleansing Statement
13/01/2016 Appendix 3B
Date Document
15/12/2015 Velpic Signs Off Stellar 2015 With Major New Client Wins
10/12/2015 Velpic Expands National Sales Team & Strengthens Management
08/12/2015 Appendix 3B
04/12/2015 Velpic Signs First Reseller Partnership
26/11/2015 Becoming a substantial holder
26/11/2015 Becoming a substantial holder
26/11/2015 Becoming a substantial holder
24/11/2015 Results of Meeting
23/11/2015 Investor Update
19/11/2015 Alcoa Signs up to Velpic's Cloud-based eLearning Platform
17/11/2015 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
12/11/2015 Velpic Commences Trading on the ASX
10/11/2015 Velpic Accounts 2013 2014 and 2015
10/11/2015 Confirmations
10/11/2015 Trading Policy
10/11/2015 Updated Statement of Financial Position
10/11/2015 Statement of Commitments
10/11/2015 Escrowed Securities
10/11/2015 Constitution
10/11/2015 Top 20 and Distribution Schedule
10/11/2015 Appendix 1A and Information Form and Checklist
10/11/2015 Pre- Quotation Disclosure
10/11/2015 ASX Notice - Reinstatement
10/11/2015 Reinstatement 12 November 2015
10/11/2015 Leanne Graham Former Xero Executive Appointed as Chairperson
30/10/2015 Final Director's Interest Notice
30/10/2015 Board Changes
30/10/2015 Quarterly Activities Report
30/10/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report
27/10/2015 Appendix 3X x 4
27/10/2015 Change of Director's Interest Notice
27/10/2015 Appendix 3Z x 2
27/10/2015 Details of Company Address
23/10/2015 Notice of Annual General Meeting
22/10/2015 Settlement of Acquisition of Velpic
22/10/2015 Appendix 3B
06/10/2015 Velpic Capital Raising completed
02/10/2015 Appendix 3B


Proven concept with existing and growing blue-chip ASX 200 clients

  • Total revenue for the September 2017 quarter totaling $539k
  • Software as a Service revenue accounting for 34%
  • Annualised Committed Monthly Revenue of over $0.7million, a 30% increase on the previous quarter ended 30 June 2017
  • Cash balance of $2.37 million as at 30 September 2017

SaaS Clients

ACMR Quarterly Growth

Reports & Presentations


Reports list
Date Document
24 August 2017 Appendix 4E and Annual Report to Shareholders
28 July 2017 June Quarterly Report and App 4C
20 February 2017 2016 Interim Financial Report
23 September 2016 2016 Annual Report
7 June 2016 Prospectus
29 February 2016 2015 Interim Financial Report
9 September 2015 Prospectus

Research Reports

Research Reports list
Date Document
5 September 2016 Baillieu Holst Research Report
12 July 2016 Baillieu Holst Research Report
9 March 2016 Baillieu Holst Research Report
8 January 2016 Baillieu Holst Research Report

Presentations And Webcasts

Presentations list
Date Document
19 October 2017 September Quarterly Presentation
28 April 2017 Quarterly Report
28 March 2017 Investor Update
30 January 2017 Quarterly Report
25 November 2016 AGM Presentation
31 October 2016 Investor Update Presentation
September 2016 Investor Presentation Webcast
September 2016 Investor Presentation
9 May 2016 Investor Presentation
14 March 2016 Investor Presentation
16 February 2016 Investor Presentation
11 August 2015 Investor Presentation
22 May 2015 Investor Presentation
23 November 2015 Investor Presentation


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